Make your Internet More Reliable

What can I do if my Internet is not reliable?

Reliable Internet is now a critical part of your child’s education.  What can you do to improve the reliability of your home connection?  Saline Live has compiled information for every family that is looking for help in this area.  

Your Internet experience is determined by many factors.  Two of the most common issues are:

  1. The connection to your home from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), for example, Xfinity, AT&T, Frontier.
  2. The connections within your home, for example, wireless (WiFi), router, modem.

Please remember that the connection inside your home is just as important as the connection outside.

Connections Inside your home

Do you use the WiFi provided by your ISP?   Are there areas in the home to receive poor or no signal?  Saline Live’s suggestion to improve your in-home WiFi connection is a “mesh networked router.”  This technology is optimized to ensure each device is performing at its highest capabilities. 

You can research mesh networked routers here.  There is a lot of information available. If you want a reliable, easy way to get up and working, we suggest Google Nest.  These two options are currently available on Amazon:

The number of Google Nest packs needed depends on the size of your home.  Once received, plug the main Google Nest device into your modem and follow the directions for the other Google Nest devices. 

Connections Outside your home

The Saline area has a number of high-speed Internet Service Providers (ISP):

What if I don’t have ANY high-speed options?

If these ISPs are not available in your area, Cellular service providers may be another option.

All major cellular service providers are available in Saline. If you have a strong cellular WiFi connection with your current cellular service provider at home, you may get a hotspot through that company.  In addition, T-Mobile is currently offering a FREE T-Mobile hotspot for 30 days.  

If you or somebody you know does not have the ability to afford High-speed Internet and has students in the Saline school district, please direct them to

Call to find out how to apply

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