Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for FREE Internet?

We want to make this process as easy as possible.  Please feel to either call us at: 734-401-4010 and leave a message.  One of our support volunteers will call you for a confidential consultation to get the process started.  Or, if easier fill out the form at this link.

What can I do if my Internet is not reliable?

We have put together some helpful information for improving your Internet reliability for your family.  

What do I need to qualify for FREE internet?

Our process provides for a number of ways to qualify for this benefit.  Our goal is to get EVERY child in the Saline school district reliable access to the Internet.   If you have this need please contact us.

What if I need a device?

If your student does not have access to a computer we can work with you and the Saline School District to get both a computer and reliable Internet to your child.

What if I want digital training?

Our consultants are ready and willing to work with your family so that you feel comfortable and have the skills you need and want.

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